Liza, the Lady in RED!!!

Liza, Liza Liza!!!
Everyone LOVED LIZA, (including Liza, hehe).
Liza wanted
I think we nailed it.
This cake table OMG! Was more stunning in person.
The linen on the cake table was a deep red with a gold Asian cherry blossom detail. La Duni made a beautiful tres leches cake, which is a warm gold color and floated on a hundred velvety black magic rose, red coxcomb, hydrangea and dahlias.
The Escort table had another beautiful red linen with a golden dragon design. White rice covered the table where we placed the escort cards.
Great idea huh? A view of the room through the red satin drapes. AHHH, stunning!
Lite Dallas, provided these very cool gobo's on the wall.
No monogram just cool lighting detail.
I loved it!
The head table for the wedding party had a repetition of gold urns and rich red bouquets and clusters of candles. Each place setting had a the party favor; a pair of red lacquer chop sticks placed on the menu cards. Modern black lounge furniture placed around the dance floor and by photo booth. Red and gold pillows complimented the look.
The Wildflower
Blessed Unions, Emily Youngblood
f8, Gary Donihoo
La Duni
Rick's Ballroom in McKinney
Lite Dallas
BBJ linen
Gloss luxury linens

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