Hayley Rush, loved every part of planning her wedding
and in turn everyone involved in the wedding also loved every part of planning her wedding.
She was a "BRIDE TO BE" who always looked beautiful, always organized, always on time, well informed, she was gracious, she was thoughtful, she was funny and charming.
She was certain of what she wanted and certain of what she didn't.
I had a lot to prove.
OK, you see this plum ribbon on the bouquets? THE HARDEST RIBBON EVER TO FIND. We finally found it in NYC, 4" wide plum double faced satin ribbon (Vogue Ribbon).
You wanna know the price??
Email me :)
The lush bouquet was a mix of summer flowers and rich colors. Deep plum mini calla, hydrangea, scabiosa, stock, veronica, bush berry, orchids, lisanthus, freesia, hypericum berry.
The little flower girl purses with a touch of floral.
The mother of the bride found these.
I was a little concerned about these massive
floral pieces. But they stood strong!
Sweet couple.
floral N, with big purple satin bow (same ribbon).
Beautiful moss frame with
gorgeous lighting and candle light.
Elena's Cakes are always
A little bling
bling, bling
The lounge furniture looked especially cool on the rugged wood floors.
Gloss Luxury Rentals
cool picture of the candles.
Anytime you do candles do them in repetition; clustered together. They may look weird in person but in photographers amazing.
Candles and petals in the water fountain.
I like the way some of them look blown out.
really lovely picture.
I just really liked this picture of a beautfil linen.
No bands or twist or turns.
Just simple and pretty.
The mother made these amazing chair covers with monograms.

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