Tis the season to SPARKLE!!!!

What a wedding weekend extravaganza!!!
First, I don't not have pictures of all the festivities. But I will just say it was the BOMB!
Arlington Hall at Lee Park
The lighting was our focal point.
Turned out better than I envisioned. Which is not easy.
Absolute Entertainment, floated crystal chandeliers above the tables.
We wanted the chandeliers to enhance the existing chandeliers
but still be an intimate design element.
The mother purchased boxes of plum colored candles which I fell in love with!! We had planned to do the colored candles on outside tables but once I saw them in the room that changed real quick! We had also planned to do rose petals on the chandelier tables. Also once I saw in the room that changed real quick. The lighting and wash in the room were perfect! LIGHTING MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!! If you don't think so you are wrong! The ballroom looked so full and lush.
The floral pieces were large!
Flowers included in this big juicy piece; hydrangea, lily, orchids, amaranthus, coxcomb, French and parrot tulips, amaryllis, stock, berries and illex branches.
The making of this wedding could not of been possible without
The divine Mrs. Kay Watson. Who brought this blushing bride to my office!
The MOB who I adored and who GOT IT!!
The always impeccable Arlington Hall at Lee Park.
Run by the always impeccable Marisa Ritter.
Who was celebrating her birthday
the night of this wedding!!
Happy Birthday M!
Dave and his team impress me more and more each and every time I work with them.
They are absolutely meticulous in everything they do.
Everything "SEEMS" to be effortless. Although I know it's not.
They are just that good!
GREG BLOMBERG, photographer who is the TOPS!
BBJ Linens
Sign Sealed and Delivered, Band
Ducky Bob's, Rentals
Last but not least
The Wildflower Team
Who braved blistering winds and frozen ears and fingers to make sure
this night was perfect!!!

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