I love the Rainy Nights!!

My favorite family married off their second daughter this past weekend at the Dallas Arboretum.
When Suzanne emailed me and said we have another wedding!!! I knew immediately that it had to be different then Betsy's wedding but still reflect the elegance and class that both girls have.
I think we were able to achieve totally different looks. First because we were working with two different seasons and second completely different venues.

This is the room right before I left. Every candle lit, every napkin in place, the pillows perfect, the chairs were perfect. the lights were perfect!Exactly how I wanted it. The only exception; I hear the rain!!! We did not want it to rain until after cocktail hour. God had other plans :).

One of my favorite things was the very simple leather loungers we placed on either side of the dance. These loungers were framed with beautiful peacock blue linens on high tables and even the little floral bouquets had feathers!! The lighting ALWAYS make a difference!!! No matter how unimportant you may think it is. YOU'RE WRONG It makes all the difference in the world. One of our signature touches is the floating cake base. And no one tops are base better then Fancy Cakes by Lauren!! Her cakes smell and taste as good as they look! Glamorous head table. Gilded urns, twig stands, clusters of pears and hundreds of gilded votive candles and iron candles. We may have got in trouble for all the candles but I didn't care!
The linens were plum lamour and the napkins were citron lamour. Two contrasting colors that look amazing with the bright fall colors.
I sent a text to the mother of the bride as I was walking out the door that evening.
It's the most gorgeous wedding!!!!!
She said she cried when she read it.
Best wishes to the beautiful Walsh Girl's and their wonderful parents who put up with all of my "what if we did"!!!
It was WORTH IT!!!

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