A Blessed Union

A Blessed Union Bride is not only a beautiful bride she is also a bride who knows the sanctity of marriage.
Morgan and Coby were in it together from the beginning.
This beautiful couple came hand in hand to every appointment and enjoyed every appointment.
How glamorous do they look?
Best picture of a bride right before she walks down the aisle.
Sil Azevedo captured the moment perfectly.
(P.S. that was one of my favorite bouquets. I wish I had a close up).
Gleneagles Country Club was
We used almost 500 candles.
That's a lot!!!
LITE Dallas created a custom periwinkle wash in all the rooms.
The Groom loved chair covers and I think they worked so nicely.
I never noticed how great the chandeliers were at
Gleneagles. But see the big drum shades? Very nice.
The Cake Stand did a fantastic job on this outrageously gorgeous cake!!
She was happy.
The hallway at Gleneagles.
Candles are so pretty!!
The Team
Blessed Unions, Emily Youngblood
Prestonwood Baptist Church
Gleneagles Country Club
Sil Azevedo, Photographer
LITE Dallas, Rayn Kelley
BBJ linen

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